The Apple.

” How could an apple by any other name taste as good. ” -William Failspear

The Rats Hide.

One day a rat’s hide was washed in on the tide and then the hide decided to glide down on Joe’s slide.

The Relay

One day in May Johnny ate some hay. Today Johnny ate no hay, I new that because the sky is grey. Then he decided to run a relay with a blue jay, but he had no money to pay so that day he did not enter the relay


One day when Jake was awake he had a terrible stomach ache caused by cake. But he thought it was from the milkshake so he sat and cried “goodness sake why did I eat that terrible, horrible, shake?”. That terrible horrible milkshake unless it was the cake....


Ted read a book before bed and as hi read his uncle tortured his brother Ned.

The donkey

The donkey is wonky because of what Joe said right before the donkey went to bed.


Joe stepped on poo and said that his stepfather was two, then he left to have some stew.